Season 8 Changes


Starting with Season 8, the DDAL will be using the Experience Check Point system described in XGE. This system rewards every character (and player) for taking part in a play session. For published hardcover adventures, a character receives 1 advancement checkpoint for each hour played that DM deems the characters are making progress toward their goals. For all other types of Adventurers League adventures, a character receives a maximum of 1 advancement checkpoint for each hour of the adventure’s projected playing time, rather than the actual time spent at the table, with those checkpoints being awarded for achieving specific goals listed in the adventure.

Slow Progression Option

Each time you play an adventure, you may choose to gain advancement checkpoints toward your next level at the normal pace, or slow your progress granting more opportunities to play your character at the current level. If you choose to slow your progression, your character receives half the number of advancement checkpoints that would be awarded and you also receive half the number of treasure checkpoints and downtime days awarded by each adventure. Do not round, but rather track half points. Using the slow progression option does not halve the gold received for gaining a new level.


DDAL adventures reward and use treasure checkpoints as describe in XGE, though the costs have been changed. These points are spent on the magic items you character has available to them.  Magic items are restricted by level of the charterer (Tier 1 – Uncommon, Tier 2 – Rare, Tier 3 – Very Rare, Tier 4 – Have at it) Some DDAL adventures may also include unique or particularly thematic items that are unlocked when you find them. These items and their associated cost are added to this list of items available for your character to purchase. Items unlocked for a season that are not found through play are only purchasable during that season.

Taking Character into Season 8

To convert current characters to Check Point system, enter your current characters xp into the yellow box and the blue box with give the check points currently earned.

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